Big Sioux Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol Big Sioux Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol

CyberPatriot Rounds 1 & 2

This year our squadron has two teams in the CyberPatriot Competition, a team of high school age cadets and a team of middle school age cadets. Both teams are using the team name “T34m B1g S10ux”, a Leetspeak version of “Team Big Sioux”.

Round 1 of the competition took place online on 3-5 November; Round 2 took place online on 8-10 December. At present the cumulative team standings are; the High School level team is 56th out of 1,029 teams (15th out of 488 CAP teams) in the All-Services Division. The Middle School level team is 368th out of 727 teams in the Middle School Division. Round 3 of the competition, also on-line, is scheduled for 19-21 January.